Cleaner Air, Healthier Kids!

With the increase of cars and trucks in California, you would think that our air would be quite poor and somewhat on the unhealthy side which would be very bad for our kids. However, our air is actually getting cleaner! Pollution levels have fallen 40% from the last research study. This is the first time that we have evidence that cleaning up our air actually improves the health of children!

Carpooling, riding a bike, shopping online, riding public transportation are just ways we are doing to keeping the air clean! When shopping for new cars, people are now looking for the most efficient, lowest polluting model that uses zero emission. It’s amazing!

We are saving energy at home too! More and more people are turning off the lights when leaving the room, replacing incandescent lights with fluorescent lights, using thermostats that automatically turn off when not being in use, adding simulation, using a fan versus air conditioning, heating small meals in microwave ovens, and drying clothes on a clothesline.

It also takes energy to make and sell the product we use. By choosing recycled products, reusing paper bags, recycle paper, plastics and metals and by printing and photocopying both sides of a paper, we can cut energy use, reduce air pollution and save money at the same time!

As a whole, we are doing an amazing job for us Californians. All we have to do is maintain these high standards for clean air and our healthy children will grow up to be healthy adults!

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