KidzJet Adventures – 0729 – 08/02 – Day 3 – The Art of Botany

Almost any person who has seen Oriental Poppies by Georgia O’Keeffe, or Blue Water Lilies by Monet, or Flowers by Andy Warhol, would stop and admire how these paintings captured the immense beauty of flowers. Seeing them face to face in our gardens and parks only makes us happier. Little do we realize that these very flowers are an important part of our existence.

Flowers and bees have a crucial link, which helps sustain a greater part of earth, almost directly. For many centuries both of these living things have been studied in great detail. Today, children explored this relationship further through a visit to the Golden Gate Park where they saw the San Francisco Hall of Flowers and The Japanese Gardens. Children got to go beyond basic characteristics of flowers – their immense beauty in colors, shapes and sizes which continues to inspire many artists to understanding the critical role they play in reproduction of plants through interaction with bees. They learned that plants are a natural recycling factory, which is very important for animal life – they produce oxygen through photosynthesis. The botanical exhibits also show how plants preserve and propagate of healthy ecosystem around us.

We tie this back to our earlier excursions into Marine life and Jungle walk from Day 1 and Day 2. Being prompted to think about the crucial links between each of these ecosystems we are bringing the children close to helps them think about questions which are both complex and fun to explore in the years to come.

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