Kids Transportation

What is KidzJet?


Institutions need a legal, safe and dependable partner who can provide quality service every single day. KidzJet is that trusted transportation provider!


Kidzjet is a unique shuttle service offering a pre-scheduled “ride share” to and from school, after school activities, athletic events or anywhere your students need to be. We concentrate on providing a safe and dependable service to help extend your outreach to new students and add value to your existing ones. We have a large number of schools and after schools activity programs that we pick up from and drop off at. We strive to meet the needs of parents and become a valuable resource in the community.

Extended outreach


Shuttle services

Customized routes

After Schools

We help transport children to and from after school programs that they may not have been able attend due to challenges with commute or parent schedule conflicts. We know that children who spend time in after-school care enrichment activities earn better grades in school, have quality work habits and learn interpersonal skills that lead to better peer relationships. Our mission is to allow them easy access to your programs!

Extended outreach


Shuttle services

Customized route request


Kidzjet program allows employees extra hours of productive work, and eliminates the stress of excessive commute in the morning traffic. Keep your employees happy by providing them this great perk and recruit top talent. As a bonus, it also reduces your company’s carbon footprint!

Happier employees.

Shuttle service


Customized routes.

Parent Groups

Rideshares are great for parents and students. Parents save on time, money and worry, and kids make new friends. We conserve energy and reduce families’ carbon emissions. Helping parent community form ride share is a great way of building relationships, supporting alternative transportation options and getting your children involved in our Kidzjet Spring/Summer Adventure camps. Kidzjet makes forming a ride share seamlessly for parents.

Ride Share

We recognize that every parent and institution has unique requirements. So, we’ll work with you to customize packages based on your needs. We offer a variety of packages based on your needs, including monthly, weekly, and per-trip.





KidzJet Adventures

KidzJet Adventures are theme based camps. KidzJet’s unique outdoor science program is designed for your child to learn through exploration. Our program is taught by instructors who specialize in outdoor education. KidzJet Adventures will enhance your child’s understanding of the world we live in through a guided tour of ecosystems, including tide-pools, old growth redwood forests, and plant and animal kingdoms. Your child will embark on this unforgettable journey in the comfort of KidzJet transportation and explore nature around us like never before.

Our Clients

KidzJet has partnered with elite schools across Bay Area. Below is list of some of our clients.


Sarah Perkins, Burke School, San Francisco – 10/01/2015

We have been very lucky to secure the services of kidzjet for our second grade daughter. They van is prompt, the driver is courteous and the office staff is incredibly organized. We really appreciate the door to door service, it starts the day off less whining and more smiling.

Jeff Anhalt, San Francisco – 10/05/2015

We use KidzJet to take 10 4th grade soccer players from school to practice.  The trip is only two miles, but it previously required complicated car pool schedules and at least 3 or 4 parents to leave work early, or juggle other kids and schedules.  Our kids enjoy the camaraderie of being in the van together and we feel entirely safe with the van and driver.  With a weekly KidzJet van at a reasonable price that we share, one part of raising kids today just got easier.