+ Where is the service currently available?

Currently, KidzJet provides service in all of San Francisco Bay Area counties. Please ask your school to join the rideshare program!

+ What is KidzJet all about?

KidzJet is a safe, reliable and affordable transportation service for kids aged 4-17. Our #1 priority is children and their safety.

+ Do I have the flexibility of changing my child’s destination schedule?

Routes are made according to seats reserved and must be prearranged. Schedule changes will require a new service agreement and the approval of KidzJet.

+ Do you provide last minute services?

Yes, we would be happy to help out. However, any last minute reservations are subject to availability of resources.

+ What happens if my child has an emergency and needs to be picked up early?

In the event of a non-life threatening emergency, we will pick up your child and take him/her to the destination of your choice, subject to availability of resources. All necessary paperwork must be completed.

+ What if I need to cancel a pickup?

All cancellations must be requested and confirmed 4 hours prior to the scheduled time, otherwise an additional fee will be charged.

+ Is there a specific order in which children will arrive at their destination?

Based on the destinations, routes are be mapped by our operations team to provide a short travel time. Temporary changes to a route may be made based on traffic conditions or other special circumstances, if needed. Our goal is to transport your kids in a safe and reliable manner.

+ Do I need to inform the school of anything?

Yes, please inform the school that KidzJet drivers have authorization to pickup your child.

+ What can children do while riding on the shuttle?

Children will be able to chat, make new friends. We provide books upon request.