With the increase of cars and trucks in California, you would think that our air would be quite poor and somewhat on the unhealthy side which would be very bad for our kids. However, our air is actually getting cleaner! … Continue reading

Every week here with KidzJet, we get to partake in outdoor activities. Not only to have fun, but to learn at the same time. Everyone should have that opportunity.  4 years old Logan Roninger who has biologists as parents, loves … Continue reading

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and KidzJet wants to emphasize that hands-free devices are not any safer than manually answering the phone while driving. 80 percent of American drivers believe hands-free devices are safer than using a handheld phone … Continue reading

Hiking and Redwoods It was a beautiful day and upon entering the park we were greeted by several black-tailed deer.  Lunch was enjoyed in the oak picnic area where we would meet our docents for the day. When the docents arrived … Continue reading

Ceramics and Painting Due to a rainy day, the planned activities had to be moved indoors. The community center turned out to be the perfect place for lunch  and for painting. After lunch, we engaged in a few activities along … Continue reading

Ceramics and Hiking This beautiful park seems to be a favorite with its serene walking areas and trails leading to Sugarloaf mountain. We enjoyed our lunch under the trees and then we split into groups. While one group participated in … Continue reading

Binary Codes After lunch at a nearby park in Atherton, we headed to the Intel Museum, where we toured the museum and participated in a class about binary code. Working with beads, students gained an understanding of how information is stored … Continue reading

Healing Plants, Aromas, and A Scavenger Hunt Despite the warm weather, our visit to Twin Pines Park was cool and comfortable thanks to the park’s abundant shade. After lunch, students separated into two groups. One group explored the medicinal properties … Continue reading

Japanese Culture with Haiku, Marshall Arts and Tea Garden We began with a brief introduction to haiku poetry, after which we read a book called “One Leaf Rides in the Wind” by Celeste Mannis. Students took turns reading aloud haikus … Continue reading

Japan and Origami We started out the afternoon with a brief introduction about Japan. We shared an ancient story of a girl named Sadako. The story highlighted the significance of origami in Japanese culture. All students enjoyed the story and … Continue reading