Synapse Friday Focus at NASA

US Space Program and Universe

This place is totally awesome!”, was one of the comments heard soon after entering the research center. We started our session by working on an outer space cross word puzzle. After that we briefly started the discussion of two renowned scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Mae Jemison which we will continue in our upcoming sessions.

After a brief introduction, everyone was able to walk around and explore the museum on their own. Some of the exhibits included a REAL Moon Rock, the Shuttle Cockpit Simulator, and the Sphere Visualization System among others.

The NASA Ames Visitor Center features a high-resolution Immersive Theater with a 14-foot tall and 36-foot wide screen. We viewed two short movies, one about living on the moon and the other was a tour of the International Space Station with Sunita Williams. In between the movies, we talked about the moon and its characteristics such as it reflects light from the sun, and the thickness of moon dust upon the surface.

The staff at NASA was very helpful and made our visit even more enjoyable and everyone agreed they would like to come again.

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