Covid Ready

Safety is #1 Priority. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are acting quickly to enhance our safety measures. We want Kidzjet drivers to deliver safe rides in the time of COVID-19, and feel safe doing so. COVID Safe Ride Standards incorporate advice from public health experts as well as local guidelines.

  • Updated Checkin: Kidzjet Driver will affirm that they are asymptomatic and have not been exposed to COVID-19. Drivers will be checked for any COVID-19 symptoms which will include testing and temperature checks.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Kidzjet Drivers will wear face coverings and proper personal protective equipment during rides; Students are also asked to follow CDC and local guidelines on wearing personal protective equipment.
  • Safe Distancing: Plastic dividers between the front and back seat will be used in every Kidzjet vehicle. We will also have seating arrangements that will allow distancing within the van.
  • Sanitation: After every ride, all vehicles will be disinfected following CDC recommendations. At end of each day all vehicles will go thru detailed cleaning and inspection.
  • Safety First: Kidzjet will require all students to follow CDC and local guidelines by keeping students home if they show COVID-19 symptoms.

We will ask students and schools to enforce these guidelines. Together we can beat the virus.

  • Wear Face Coverings
  • Safe Distancing
  • Wash hands
  • Stay home if you have COVID symptoms
  • Anonymous Reporting if driver/student are not following the guidelines.