Special Needs

KidzJet is very proud of offer special needs transportation. We hold a special training for our staff and drivers to ensure a safe, enjoyable and reliable journey for children with special needs.

  • We create customized solutions to meet the requirements of each individual students and schools, by simply offering management expertise of our transportation services. Contracting with KidzJet will allow you return focus, cost savings, and time to your education program.
  • KidzJet trained drivers understand extra care is needed when transporting students with disabilities. Not only are the requirements increasing, but so is the number of students with disabilities. We have a dedicated a team of professionals who continuously learn, educate and inform our employees and partners on the ever-changing role of the transportation provider. This forward-thinking approach makes us more than a provider – we’re a partner.
  • As school systems and districts face decreased budgets and fluctuating enrollments, coordinating education based transportation can be a costly and time-consuming process. Organizations that outsource transportation to KidzJet can stretch valuable resources overall, without sacrificing quality, safety, or reliability.

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Make a difference

  • Trained staff
  • Tracking thru app
  • Its more than a business to us...
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