Our Services

Welcome to the Safe, Reliable and Affordable Kids Transportation. Safety is in our DNA! We go extra mile to make sure your kids enjoy the ride.

Services For Parents

We are not an on-demand taxi Service. We transport kids of ages 4-16 at affordable prices. We strive to simplify the lives of parents by transporting children to and from various destinations, whether It be school, sports actIvities, tutoring services, you name it!

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Services For Institutions

We offer custom group packages for schools, after-school programs, tutoring classes, and activity centers. Whatever your transportation needs are, we can help.

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Our Offerings

  • We offer a variety of packages and deals based on the needs of parents and schools. For parents we provide weekly or monthly packages. For schools we provide group packages. For details call us at 1-855-KIDZJET.
  • You can track your kids and give us feedback through our custom iPhone app.