Adventure F.A.Q


What ages is this appropriate for?
The camps are a great fit for children between 5 to 12 years old in age.

What should my child wear?
We recommend layers of clothing that go from light to warm, a sturdy pair of shoes, and a cap or bandana.

Can I call my child during the day?
Typically the places we go do not have cell phone reception. Your child can call you to confirm pick-up times. You can find out how to reach us on our Contact page.

What if I am late dropping off my child?
We wait about 5 minutes after the regular drop-off time if someone is late. Please call our instructors to make arrangements, or to let them know you will not be joining the group for that day.

What time will my child return?
The camp drop off time is 4:30pm. Our drivers are instructed, for the sake of safety, not to rush.Hence, depending on traffic, we may run with a ten minutes buffer time.

What will children need to bring?

  • A lunch with a snack and water. (We provide extra water.)
  • An extra change of clothing and dry shoes
  • Water shoes
  • A towel
  • Sunscreen (We always have more sunscreen available)
  • Camera (we are not responsible for your child’s personal camera. We always take pictures of our expeditions, and post many of these pictures.)
  • Any emergency medicine they might need. (Please make this known to the staff, and hand-off materials they will need to keep in their safety equipment.)