Sarah Perkins, Burke School, San Francisco – 10/01/2015

We have been very lucky to secure the services of kidzjet for our second grade daughter. They van is prompt, the driver is courteous and the office staff is incredibly organized. We really appreciate the door to door service, it starts the day off less whining and more smiling.

Jeff Anhalt, San Francisco – 10/05/2015

We use KidzJet to take 10 4th grade soccer players from school to practice.  The trip is only two miles, but it previously required complicated car pool schedules and at least 3 or 4 parents to leave work early, or juggle other kids and schedules.  Our kids enjoy the camaraderie of being in the van together and we feel entirely safe with the van and driver.  With a weekly KidzJet van at a reasonable price that we share, one part of raising kids today just got easier.