Our Day at Huddart Park, Woodside

Hiking and Redwoods

It was a beautiful day and upon entering the park we were greeted by several black-tailed deer.  Lunch was enjoyed in the oak picnic area where we would meet our docents for the day.

When the docents arrived we split into three groups and then preceded on our hike.  The hike was a gently winding trail with madrone, tanoak, and redwood with some hazelnut, poison oak and coffee berry. Our guide showed how the Ohlone tribes would make face paint and then allowed everyone to make some. Next, she taught about the “toilet paper” tree and the “refrigerator” tree. She also demonstrated how the redwood trees draw moisture from the fog. After this, all the groups returned to the picnic area and participated in a Redwood Tree activity. For this, everyone had to be measured to see how tall they were. Once they knew their height a chart indicated how many of them it would take to be as tall as a redwood.

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