Day At Adventure

Day at KidzJet Summer Adventure

8:30–We pick-up your child and give you a brief run-down of what activity we will be doing. We will also note if there are any changes to the schedule. For example, if we are going to a tide-pool, our teacher will check to see what day has the lowest tide. We will alter our schedule accordingly so we get the best conditions.
9:15–We arrive at our destination. Going to beautiful, wild and special places sometimes takes time, but the time on our drive is not wasted. We position books around the car that deal with the subjects we will cover along with other fun books for the children to read. Many children end their ride having discussed among themselves the animals we are about see, or the topic we are about to cover. This is part of the magic of our trip. Children end their journey with us learning many things that we didn’t teach them but picked up along the way. We assist in their learning and exploration, but each child ends the trip learning something completely unexpected.
9:15-9:30–We let the kids have a snack, take a bathroom break, and go over trail groups. We also give a small lesson about notable things to look for. We pass out binoculars, trail maps, and go over important safety instructions.
9:30-11:30–We walk, explore, play, and do trail games that are learning based. For example, when studying the redwood trees, children might interlock their hands together and act as if a windstorm is coming through. This helps children understand how the tallest trees in the world can withstand winds and storms in the forest with shallow roots of no more than 6 to 10 feet of depth. Their roots interlace with each other locking the trees together. Their roots go out nearly as far as the tree is tall. Lessons like these become indelible and remain with the students forever.
11:30-12:00–We have a nutrition break, drink water, and eat our lunches. Make sure to pack a full lunch. Because of food allergies we let parents take care of nutrition.

12:00-2:00–We explore. Have supervised fun-time especially if we are next to a magnificent beach. We also spend time sharing what we have observed during our outing. For example, if we have hiked over a sand-dune we might pick-up a handful of the sand and ask ourselves a question such as, “How did all this sand get here?”
2:00-2:30–We finish our trail, use the bathroom, have a time to give our postcard memories (what we learned that day of note), and begin our trip home. Usually students are tired, but if they are not, we often sing popular songs in the car. It depends upon the group.
3:45-4:15–We arrive back home to drop-off students. We will not rush to get back going safely with the flow of traffic. We are, however, mindful of important small alterations. For example, if you have a soccer tournament to get to and you need your child back exactly at 4, then please express that to the driver who will make every effort to get back a few minutes early.

Meetup Locations Pickup/Drop off Locations in Burlingame, San Mateo and Palo Alto. Click here for details.
  • We are a mobile summer camp.
  • Each day we explore a new exciting destination.
  • No two days are the same.
  • Our programs are designed to give your children the courage to ask questions.
  • We offer convenient pick-up locations.
  • We go to natural places of beauty and educational value.
  • Our hours, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Safety is our number one concern
  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Click here for details.