Synapse Friday Focus: Central Park, San Mateo

Japanese Culture with Haiku, Marshall Arts and Tea Garden

We began with a brief introduction to haiku poetry, after which we read a book called “One Leaf Rides in the Wind” by Celeste Mannis. Students took turns reading aloud haikus from each page. It was then time to create our own haikus and accompanying illustrations. To do this, we toured the tea garden and rose garden for inspiration on what to write and draw. Students wrote about topics ranging from fish and waterfalls to birds and breezes, drawing pictures along with their poems. Please click on the link to checkout some of the haikus from Synapse students.

Afterwards, a martial arts instructor came and spoke about Japanese culture and the discipline infused in martial arts. Students had fun participating in basic kicks with the instructor. As soon as we finished, we hurried off to the garden pond to feed the Koi fish.

We ended our day by feeding the Koi fish.

Japanese Culture: Haiku, Martial Arts, and Tea Garden


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