Synapse Friday Focus – Japanese Tea Garden

Japan and Origami

We started out the afternoon with a brief introduction about Japan. We shared an ancient story of a girl named Sadako. The story highlighted the significance of origami in Japanese culture. All students enjoyed the story and they asked lots of questions showing their curiosity.

Then all students participated in making pieces of art using origami technique. Students made pig and owl faces and then moved on to make complex folding to create cranes. Cranes were a symbol of hope in Sadako’s story. Japanese people have a belief that if you fold one thousand cranes, you will be healed of your illness. You can read her story in Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Students were really excited close to the completion of their crane and thought that it would fly for real!

We ended our day with a magnificent walk in the Japanese Tea Garden learning about the pagoda and Japanese Tea House. Students also enjoyed a surprise event of Koi Feeding and some did it over and over again.






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