Christel Parmentier

October 19, 2015

The Priory has always provided transportation for a number of our students with the vans driven by our employees. In recent years it was more and more difficult to find drivers and organize the schedule – that is when we turned to Kidzjet and they provided the solution we needed.

For 3 years the Priory has used KidzJet to transport our students to and from Menlo Park train station. We want the best possible transportation system for our students and we are very happy to say that KidzJet definitely provides the impeccable service we expected as far as safety, reliability and flexibility.
They abide by strict safety standards. The drivers ensure that all the kids are seated properly and have seat belts on, before they start the route. The drivers know all the kids by name. It’s very friendly and secure.

Our parents are glad to have this service from the school to assist them with the drop off and pick up of their children daily. We are very pleased to be partnered with Kidzjet in providing the highest quality transportation.

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