Synapse Friday Focus: Twin Pines Park, Belmont

Healing Plants, Aromas, and A Scavenger Hunt

Despite the warm weather, our visit to Twin Pines Park was cool and comfortable thanks to the park’s abundant shade.

After lunch, students separated into two groups. One group explored the medicinal properties of certain plants and herbs. These students learned that aloe vera heals burns, ginger alleviates nausea, and lavender aids in sleep. Students were also surprised to discover everyday foods in their list of plants, including potato (spider bites) and onion (flu). The plants were passed around for everyone to see and touch.

The other group played a “Smellers” Bingo game, covering 25 distinct aromas. These included basil, peppermint, sage, and lemon, just to name a few. Students attempted to identify these aromas using only their sense of smell.

After the two groups finished, students switched so that everyone received a chance to participate in both activities. The day ended with a fun scavenger hunt in the park.

Please click here to checkout some of the sample material Synapse students worked on.

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