Monthly Archives: September 2014

Japanese Culture with Haiku, Marshall Arts and Tea Garden We began with a brief introduction to haiku poetry, after which we read a book called “One Leaf Rides in the Wind” by Celeste Mannis. Students took turns reading aloud haikus … Continue reading

Japan and Origami We started out the afternoon with a brief introduction about Japan. We shared an ancient story of a girl named Sadako. The story highlighted the significance of origami in Japanese culture. All students enjoyed the story and … Continue reading

US Space Program and Universe This place is totally awesome!”, was one of the comments heard soon after entering the research center. We started our session by working on an outer space cross word puzzle. After that we briefly started … Continue reading

Team building and group activities: Playing games and getting to know one another was the focus of our first outing between KidzJet and Synapse. After lunch, we played different games involving Bean Bags and Bubbles. Other activities included soccer and playing at … Continue reading